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Millweld Customs is now doing FULLY ENGINEERED Dual Cab Conversions.
We can cut your wagon down into a dual cab so you can have the convenience
of fitting the family in and also have the practicality of a ute.
For more information and pricing please email us on sales@millweld.com or call us on
(03) 5779 1277
Plenty of metal sculpting and polishing goes into shaping the new section so by the time we are finished it will look factory.
these pictures show the start of the shaping process between the original and new panel.
This is the finished product including the tray and the body professionally painted and engineered.
This is the very beginning of the conversion first cutting the back off and then begin to make the new panel part of the existing panels..
We are not limited to just patrols with the dual cab conversions give us a ring to see what we can do for you.
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