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Millweld Customs - MANSFIELD VICTORIA 3722 - Winch Bars - Snorkels - Rock Sliders

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Quality Australian Made bar work for nissan patrols. Winch Bars, Rock Sliders, 4" Stainless Steel Snorkels, Rear Bars & Roll Cages.
Millweld Customs Specialising in products for Nissan Patrols GQ-GU including Winch Bars, Rock Sliders, 4" Stainless Steel Snorkels, Rear Bars, Wheel Carriers and Roll Cages for Compition trucks. We can fit your forby out with our latest range of Millweld products that will not only make your forby look the part but give you maximum approach angle and maximum protection.

Snorkel and Airbox Packages when purchasing a snorkel and airbox together take $100 off making Gu snorkels/airbox package $1100 and gq snorkel/airbox package $900

We Would like to thank all our customers and wish you all a merry christmas and a happy new year.
Millweld will be closing on friday the 21st of december and reopening on monday the 7th of january

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